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I am commited to the families I support. 
Mission Statement- To collaborate in finding solutions to allow the young person to individuate and move forward towards a life with successful long term change.

Many thanks.You helped save his life, and our sanity.

I could not have gotten through this year without your wisdom, expertise and professional advice. 

Susan, thank you again for your guidance in helping our son discover the beauty of life. 

Thank you for attending Mark's IEP. Thanks to you, I think Mark and the IEP team are headed in such a great positive direction. Thank you so much for your expertise and input. 

I forgot to thank you for coming to that meeting and standing up for us. I know we're paying you and all of that, but I LOVED having you there. You gave me the confidence and provided a level of credibility we hadn't had before. 

Dan and I loved your services and think our $ was very well spent. We would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone we know. Thanks so much for all your help during this process, Susan!

Thank you again for everything. Our family owes you a huge debt of gratitude. Sleep well knowing that you have very likely saved John's (and Sarah's) lives. 

You are our livesaver.

We can't think of any ways you could have assisted us better. Your knowledge of and relationships with the schools in Northern California (and beyond), as well as camps, gave us the confidence we needed during our search. 

Todd is doing great! Even though the decisions we made were so incredibly tough, they have proven to be the best we have ever made. Thank you for your guidance and support. 

Joe and I have been very satisifed with your services and have appreciated your frequent contact by telephone and email. Thank you for your caring guidance during the past year. 

Out come- He's well adjusted, making friends, active, outgoing and has made dean's list all year!

I am happy with the placement. It kept her alive when she was suicidal. Your placements were appropriate and beneficial. 

Susan gave us the gift of getting our son back and on a better path. We will forever be grateful. 

We feel grateful to you for finding exactly the right place for Jeff to find himself , push himself, and feel loved each and every day. 

Thank you very much for your constant vigilance and constant, consistent advocacy for Matt's educational needs and emotional needs. 

Alice is a freshman at University. She is doing well. 

Susan Miltner was a geat support and knowledge resource. I trusted her with our situation and we have our son back with real hope for his future. 

I really appreciate the help Susan gave me throughout the 1  1/2 years that Tom was away. That was incredibly supportive. Just yesterday I returned from dropping Tom off at University for his freshman year in college- I can say that it feels like one of the proudest moments for me as a parent. There was a time that it was doubtful whether he would graduate high school, so this time is especially poignant.

You have been incredibly helpful, professional, insightful, and also unfailingly kind and understanding. We could not have asked for more.

I don't know where we would all be without your help & input. And to think that a year ago we had no idea what Eric was going to do or that these kind of programs are even out there. I think Eric is in the best place possible. I have no doubt that he will thrive. 

It was no easy undertaking to accept such a complicated case. More than anything you gave me the encouragement I needed to stay in the fight when there appeared to be no options. 

I wanted to thank you so much for all of your help and advice over the past year. You came into our lives during a very challenging time--an 8th grader at risk of not graduating with emotional problems and a health problem. You were very responsive and helped map out a plan to help him actually graduate 8th grade and spend the summer at a therapeutic boarding school. 

Did I feel I got a good value for my investment? Absolutely. Yes. Your advocacy towards realistic expectations for Jim and helping him find his way. 

The entire process was helpful. Susan's expertise served to be extremely useful during a very difficult time for our family. 

The wilderness program recommended was fantastic and a perfect fit for Allen. Allen is very happy at college and has made a good group of friends. He continues to thrive in nature. 

For Current and Former Families

Thank you 

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