Looking back-

Parents are feeling lost and just don’t know what to do anymore to help their child. Parents have tried almost everything: tutors, school meetings, therapists, psychiatrists, hospitalizations, short term inpatient. There are feelings of anger and feelings of despair with both child and parent. It is hard to know anymore what normal teen or young adult behavior is. Parents are in crisis, the teen/young adult is in crisis.

Looking forward-

  1. Meetings with parents to come up with a general plan and path for the future. We are pro-active.

  2. Meet with the young person if at all possible.

  3. Contact other treating professionals that have a depth of knowledge of the student,

  4. With previous assessments, input from treating professionals, input from parents, we then begin to create change. I offer solutions and expert advice, but the ultimate decisions are made by the parents.

  5. Throughout the process from Initial Consultation to Solutions, I am a resource and support for the families. I offer Individualized Expert Help.

Solutions with Hope-

There are a wide variety of solutions, from outdoor behavioral healthcare to intensive residential treatment. All to create a future of education or employment and a sustainable healthy life.

Mental Health-Referrals to local therapists, residential treatment centers (short and long term), therapeutic wilderness programs (outdoor behavioral health), therapeutic boarding schools, psychiatric assessment centers, young adult transitional programs.

Addictions- Referrals to residential treatment programs (short and long term), therapeutic wilderness programs (outdoor behavioral health), therapeutic boarding schools, young adult transitional programs, referrals to local treating professional.

Education- Attend school meetings, referrals to appropriate schools dependent on the student need, advise on outside resources such as Occupational Therapist, Speech and Language Therapist, Tutors, Educational Therapists.

Cost- Every family is unique, and I will work with you to find a cost appropriate solution for my services and for the services needed.

Support- I am committed to families and offer encouragement, explanations, advice and hope. I am always available to listen.


   Putting the Pieces