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        I offer a free complementary phone consultation to help us determine if the services I offer are the best fit for your needs.

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  Solutions with Hope

   Mental Health*Addictions*Education


Mental Health- Support and Recommendations for Wilderness

Programs/Residential Treatment Centers/Therapeutic Boarding Schools/Young Adult Transition/ Referrals to Local Therapists/Psychologists/Psychiatrists.

Addictions- Support and Recommendations for Treatment for drugs, marijuana, alcohol, computer.

Education- Advocacy at Individualized Education Plan meetings, 504, Student Study Team Meetings, counsel on special education processes, referrals to local psychologists for assessment, referrals to special education attorneys.

With expertise and knowledge, I partner with parents to find the best options to complicated situations. Every recommendation is individualized for the unique situation. I am here for parents and students every step of the way. I keep hope as a possibility when maybe hope has been lost.

Collaborating with families and students from ages three to 25, I offer hope, as we find pragmatic educational, therapeutic, social and emotional solutions. Struggling teens and young adults may need help for substance use or mental health issues. I am an expert in residential treatment facilities, therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness treatment and young adult transitional programs. This knowledge is obtained and updated from extensive contact with key persons in charge of programs, and from frequent travel to visit schools/programs throughout the U.S. I also am well versed in the range of day and private schools for students with learning differences. For students in the public school, I am an advocate in the IEP process. I also collaborate with attorneys regarding residential school placement of students with emotional disturbance (IDEA Federal Law).  I do this work, because positive change happens with targeted educational and therapeutic interventions.

Mission Statement- To collaborate in finding solutions to allow the young person to individuate and move forward towards a life with successful long term change.

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